What is this!? Project Statement


So just what the hell is this you might be wondering.
The project's main goals are:

  • The collection and preservation of Firefall related content, be that game builds, concept art, fan art.
  • The reverse engineering and documentation of the games assets and protocols.
  • The development of a server emulator
  • A friendly place to hang out and reminisce over what was

Who we are
We are a mishmash of Firefall players that loved the game and believe it was something special and worth trying to preserve and resuscitate.
Hopefully you will join us and help unravel the secrets of the games inner workings!

What we have so far
A quick overview of what we have so far:

  • A large collection of Firefall related art assets for you to browse here
  • A collection of almost all publicly released Firefall builds
  • Complete reverse engineering and parsing of a few of Firefall's file formats
  • Partial understanding of others
  • Enough of the networking protocol reversed to be able to login and start loading a zone (Can't fully zone in yet but close!!)
  • Custom tools to help work with the various file formats

In closing
What we hope to achieve is by no means easy, at all. Reverse engineering the formats and protocols alone is hard work, building a server emulator on top of that even more so.
We are under no illusion that this is hard and odds are it won't result in a working emulator like you would like. Regardless we are going to try!

We hope to see you help us and see how far we can get. Lets try and preserve something that really was special!

So exited to see this being worked on! Hope progress is going smoothly 😄

Who knows if this project is even alive.
ArrowWitch Last Online 3 months ago

I'm discussing with my subconscious mind as to who had an idea first.
Me or me. Am I going crazy?

@sleepwalker FatBucket was on 4 days ago, and they look to be 50% of the dev work on the roadmap, so I have some hope...

@Astro yes and he/she seems to be the only one doing things. But also that was updated 3 months ago if you look at the feed to the right.

I'm discussing with my subconscious mind as to who had an idea first.
Me or me. Am I going crazy?

@Astro @Sleepwalker Oh we're still here, but progress is slow atm due to irl stuffs 😄

Glad to see someone out there is working on this 🙂 I would love a download of what you have so far...I have the latest version of Firefall client but of course can't get past login... You don't by any chance have a 3D model(s) of New Eden do you? I've already created a halfway decent FPS engine and I would like to load that in...it wouldn't be Firefall but people could join and run around and stuff. Here's a video of the game I created with it, mind you I can change it quite easily: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGHotjWEdZo&t=1s

@fatbucket Glad to hear that 🙂 I will stay tuned. If you ever need any help with API or web development, let me know.

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