Getting Arcporter to work on windows 7

I played Firefall from the 2012 beta until it shut down. I just heard about Arcporter. I grabbed FF from Steam, ran it and I get a logon screen. I rebooted PC. Arcporter tries to load the game, and it gets stuck at 100%. I kill the game and I get an error message "unable to get operator settings..." which I assume to be normal since the servers don't exist anymore.

"unable to get operator settings..." Is normal yea and shouldn't affect Arcporter working.

For Arcpoter to work you have to let it launch the game and not have it already running in the background.
I have seen a few people get stuck at the 100% loading fix it by trying to load that zone again right after, unsure what the root cause of it atm is but you can try that and see if it works for you then as well.

Sometimes happens to me too, try opening the console [ALT]+[F1] and type in ui_alpha 0 once it gets stuck to see if its just the ui overlay not disappearing.

Or alternatively you can open the console and type reloadui 😉

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