Things I figured out while using Arcporter

  1. WASD to move, right click to rotate camera
  2. shift + movement actually works
  3. Console commands still work. Push alt + ~
  4. Some maps may start at an awkward height. For new eden, for example, find the blue sphere, then move away from it.
    more as things develop
  1. Shift to go up, Ctrl to go down. Shift works for these as well
  2. Be sure to keep an eye out for secret areas
  1. The scroll wheel changes the FOV (could also tweaked further if wanted see here)
  2. All the replay functionalities are there, but since it's a bare bone NSR, none of the really do anything
  3. Since the generated replay file doesn't generate the melding, you can explore the areas behind the melding without issues
  4. In the console ui_alpha 0 disables the UI overlay
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