Arcporter is a small tool that will let you load and explore any of the zones in Firefall.

The tool is still in early development and is only confirmed working with the latest game client, but it should in theory work with earlier clients as well.

This is achieved by patching the game client to bypass the Redhanded anti-cheat system (to allow the game to launch on newer systems) and removing the range limit on the spectator camera.

The patched client is then given a bare-bones replay file that contains just enough data to load the desired zone.

You can grab the tool and give it a try yourself here:

If you don't have Firefall installed atm, you can download it trough Steam using this link:

More detailed instructions

  1. Have Firefall installed or grab it from Steam: steam://install/227700
  2. Download Arcporter from GitHub:
  3. Open the Arcporter.exe
  4. Click on the "..." button at the bottom and select the FirefallClient.exe
    • If you use Steam it will be located at: Steam Library > steamapps > common > Firefall > system > bin
  5. Now Arcporter should list all the zones shipped with the given Firefall client
  6. Double click a zone and Firefall should launch and load the selected zone in replay mode


Loading screen is stuck at 100%

  • Open the console
  • Use the reloadui command
  • Alternatively disable the ui with ui_alpha 0

Mark Kerns reveal of Arcporter

I just released a tiny update to the Arcporter. Added a way to change the time.
You can grab it here:

This is great! Reliving old memories as well as seeing things 'beyond the melding' (hey, you guys could use that name for something 🙂 ) ... Do you have any earlier Firefall releases with other areas, like Sargasso Sea and the Amazon? Sargasso Sea was one of my favorite places to visit...seems like the devs changed the map after a while, so I'd like to see it as it was before that change if possible. Let me know...

Thanks for all your efforts 🙂

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