Version 1.7

Hi, do you have installed client version 1.7 in stock or do you need it?

We got them all, but thanks anyways ๐Ÿ˜„

Oh, that is great. I'm looking for a version from Beta 2013 where the progression was horizontal still. May I have that somehow from you guys if possible?

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Hello. I am glad that there are still people who care about Firefall. Is there a chance to get version 1.3.x.x. Please.

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This post is deleted!

Hey, I was wondering if anyone had the files for v1.3.1869? I'm looking for a way to play the hundreds(!) of .nsr files I found on an old hard drive.

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@crystalforest Yo cf, do you have any experience with re?

i have installed version 1.7 and looking for some models or other assets "new in blender" is there something in the files? and btw i have the soundtracks if u need+ the Booklet what comes with the deluxe edition

Glad to see there are still ppl interested in this game. Is there still a way to get the game files, to take a closer look?

i have them from steam 1.7

That's amazing that you still have the files, any chance you could share it? I am not sure if files still exist on steam servers... Seems like game and package ID's are no longer valid, or if is there some workaround to download it? I tried to look everywhere but it seems no one never uploaded a thing. Then i stumble upon this site.

well i would share the whole filesets, i have even the deluxe files with the original music and such but where to host over 17 gig?

on other hand i cant open the bmesh files so i cant ghet a hand on the items of the game

Hmm, you could use MEGA hosting site: it have 50gb of free storage for new accounts. You mean file extension for mesh files are .bmesh?

yes there are many .bmesh files. i assume that are the mesh data for some or many items/assets but i cant view any of them. i will try and put the link in as soon as all data is up there if it works//
Edit1: just started the upload to my onedrive if done i link it//
Edit2: ok changed back to since my onedrive is just 5 gigยดs xD

Hmm, i know Bmesh is used as a modelling system, so maybe it's possible to write a python script to somehow import it into blender... It's wierd how R5 used bmesh extension, i guess they had a custom written tool for conversion or maybe it's a custom format and happens to have a same name. And yeah, that would be awesome if you could link the files, i am really curious to see if anything can be done about those bmesh files.

Hello, I found this a few minutes ago via that "awesome rock group" on reddit ๐Ÿ˜„ . Can someone PM me explaining how to get the files? I'm 3d modeler If there's something about that I'll be glad to help.

Hey guys, I'm new to this community, but I played the game back in 2014. I have a bit of reversing knowledge, and have been looking for a build of the game from early 2014. Does anybody have a build backed up that they could send? I would like to see if I could create a private server.

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