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Hey guys, I'm planning to map out he FF server side database. If aou had already reverse engineered the client, may I take a look into the code so I might list the db queries it does? Sorry if you have already advanced in that field, but I assume you have not started the server.side development yet.



While it is true that we have reversed bits and pieces of the client, we do not have any proper source code of it. It is just not that simple. We have been focusing on spesific things and looked at how the client executes those tasks in order to understand what is going on.

From the looks of it they have been using MySQL internally, but then dumped the database to their own custom read only database format "StaticDB" and shipped it with the client. Meaning that they do not really do any database queries to the server. ( The file is located here: "..\system\db\clientdb.sd2". ) We have been able to completely reverse engineer the format and it contains things like language strings, model texture names, quests, weapon stats, command definitions used by the network protocol etc.

There is a database browser in the works, but we are not ready to make any of this work public yet.

Sneaky peeky:
sneaky peeky

The so called database calls that was used in Firefall was through Web-API in json format. Calls were made on the client side and then verified on server side.

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